Just Climate Change? Environmental Sustainability as a whole is the way!

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16 settembre 2012 di bakaburg1

An extract from a discussion about the finalities and objectives of the IFMSA Think Global Initiative Project, a group which purpose is to coordinate global efforts of IFMSA member organizations in advocating about Global Health topics like climate change, non-communicable diseases, social determinants of health, etc…

Recently I was thinking about all the initiatives on Climate Change sproting in these days, the movements that are spreading in the NMOs (member organizations of IFMSA, Ed.) about the topic, and all the fuss about Climate Change hyping in the whole (I whish….) world.

Thinking about this I always had a sensation that something was wrong, like we are missing the problem…

Recently I took contact with the head of the hygiene department of my university to organize some initiative together to awake awareness on Climate Change in my university.

We started to speak about recycling, water distributors with biodegradable paper cups, recycled paper in the bathrooms, etc… Apart from the project of using renowable energy sources in the hospital (that would be the sum of my local work), none of the other initiatives are tightly bound to the precise definition of Climate Change.

There was one more basic concept behind: Environmental Sustainability!

All the fuss now is about climate change, UN summits on climate change, NMO working groups on climate change, etc…


Climate_Change_Attribution_fr (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is now the hot topic of the moment, and it’s useful to get attention; but it’s like scratching to top of the iceberg, like addressing the acute illness while there is a chronic condition eating the world away. Climate Change is only the most visible, dangerous, outcome!

Ok, I’ve been a little dramatic there…

The point is that we, as advocates of Global Health, should push the concept of Environment Sustainability as a whole, with Climate Change as the leading part of the campaign, together with water hygiene, food wasting, deforesting, pollution and health, etc…

My two cents

PS: did you know that the global warming is slower than predicted thanks to the massive amount of sulfur gases released by china industialization

? (Matrix anyone??) the little small problem is that these gases are killing tons of people and destabilizing the environmental equilibrium even more! Oooops! the problem again is deeper…



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